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Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most popular cities in the Arab Emirates, where hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers regularly come. The city hosts large-scale sports competitions, concerts of famous musicians, festivals, and performances. People from all over the world come here, fascinated by the entertainment. To see everything with your own eyes, have time to buy tickets for events in Abu Dhabi on our website. There are dozens of events to choose from, among which there will be one that will captivate you.

Concerts in Abu Dhabi

The concerts of famous musicians and singers are the key and extremely spectacular events in Abu Dhabi. World-renowned artists like to perform in the Emirates because they can realize any idea on stage. With tickets to concerts in Abu Dhabi, you guarantee yourself an unforgettable evening of live performances by amazing artists. Among those artists who have already performed in this city are Coldplay, Rihanna, Pink, J. Cole, Katy Perry, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, etc.

On this page, we have collected the most interesting events that will take place in the city soon. To buy tickets to concerts in Abu Dhabi and get acquainted with the details, go to the page of the event you like. On it, you will find a ticket booking form and detailed information about the date and time of the start of a concert, match, or show.

The best events in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi often hosts large-scale sports competitions where the best world athletes participate. You can buy tickets to sports events in Abu Dhabi - football, hockey, boxing, UFC, and even Formula 1. The stage of the royal races has been held here regularly since 2009. They created an artificial Yas Island to build the circuit and the surrounding infrastructure.

Whatever event you attend, you will experience a lot of positive emotions. Big sports tournaments, races, and fights end with fireworks and concerts of famous artists. By booking tickets to events in Abu Dhabi, you can easily visit exciting events you'll remember for a long time.

How to buy tickets to Abu Dhabi events online?

Book tickets from the comfort of your home and without queues. We offer fast online purchases and the possibility of payment from any country. To buy tickets for events in Abu Dhabi online, you only need to select it and specify your contacts. You can receive an order by email immediately after payment or by courier delivery to your home or office within a few days.

How much do tickets for events in Abu Dhabi cost?

You can find out the cost of the order on the order page. It will appear before the payment. The ticket price for concerts in Abu Dhabi depends on the selected event, the number of seats, and the delivery method. Courier services are a separate fee that depends on the specified city and district.

You have the opportunity to attend a bright Abu Dhabi event of famous performers and athletes. To experience a wave of positive emotions, book your tickets today.