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Emin Agalarov is a Russian businessman and singer, Azerbaijani by nationality. First Vice President of Crocus Group, owner of restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues. He heads such projects as the TV channels "ZHARA", "Your House", Crocus TV, radio "ZHARA FM", Timeto Eat magazine. Together with Bakhtiar Aliyev (Bahh Tee) owns the music label Zhara Music.

Childhood and youth

Emin Arasogly Agalarov, better known to fans as the singer Emin, was born in Baku in December 1979. According to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. His parents – Irina Iosifovna Grill and Araz Iskenderogly Agalarov – studied in the same class. Their first love managed to grow into more, they got married in the last years of the institutes: she graduated from pedagogical, and he graduated from polytechnic.

Emin Agalarov in his Youthemin Agalarov in his youth

When the boy was 4 years old, the family moved to Moscow. There Emin made friends, went to school, behaved like ordinary children, until his father suspected that his son had fallen into bad company. His father, the famous businessman Araz Agalarov, is rumored to have been in such a situation himself in his youth, so he decided to send his offspring to Switzerland. Agalarov Jr. studied there until he was 15, after which he continued his studies in the USA. His younger sister Sheila also studied in the USA, at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Emin Agalarov with his father Araz Agalarov Emin Agalarov with his father Araz Agalarov

Emin has been an independent guy since he was 13. His desire to become financially independent and earn money himself helped to achieve success at an early age. The guy was always looking for earnings, going through different options, ranging from supermarkets to building his own business. He worked in an electronics store as a salesman, later in the same capacity he worked in a shoe boutique. Today he claims that this experience has been very useful to him in his current life.

Emin Agalarov Emin Agalarov

While living in the States, Emin Agalarov created a website for the sale of dolls and watches. At that moment, he did not even think that he would ever enter his father's business.

Later, after learning more about Dad's case, Emin Agalarov realized that he was interested in what his father was doing. As a creative person, Agalarov combined a pragmatic, intellectual personality with a good sense of humor and fine taste.

After graduating from New York's Marymount Manhattan College, Emin Agalarov received a business manager diploma in finance. The young man understood that working in tandem with his father would be more effective than trading nesting dolls in the USA, so he returned to Moscow. This is where the creative and commercial biography of Emin Agalarov began.

Music and business

Today Emin Agalarov is the first vice president of the father's group of companies, Crocus Group. Things are going well, but this is not the end of Emin's potential. Back in America, he began to show interest in music. Painstaking work, a firm character and the desire to achieve success in the music field allowed Agalarov to release his first album already in 2006. The disc called "Still" was not the only one. Soon Emin Agalarov's discography was enriched with three more albums: "Incredible", "Obsession" and "Devotion".

Emin's clip "Where are you, my love"

In 2011, Emin, on the initiative of David Lynch, was nominated for a Grammy Award as "Discovery of the Year". In May 2012, the singer performed as a special guest at the Eurovision Song Contest. In the same year, the album "After The Thunder" was released, after which Agalarov was invited to sing at a Jennifer Lopez concert in Baku.

In the winter of 2013, Emin Agalarov presented his fans with his debut Russian-language album called "On the Edge", which included 14 new compositions. With the release of a new CD, the singer did not pull and already in early 2014 presented the album "Frankly". It included the song "Call Me", which he performed in a duet with Ani Lorak. Several more songs performed by Emin with other stars were included in the album: with Stas Mikhailov, he sang the composition "Shores", with Grigory Leps "Hello, Earth", with Soso Pavliashvili "I Repent".

Emin - "I live the best"

2014 turned out to be a particularly successful year for the popular artist. His song "I live the Best of all" won the Golden Gramophone Award and became a hit, a video was made for it, in which Paulina Andreeva starred. Emin Agalarov went on tour to the cities of Russia.

In 2015, Emin Agalarov presented fans with two new albums at once – "More Amor" and "8 in the Fall". The latter included a joint composition with Grigory Leps "Women like me".

Emin and Ani Lorak. Video for the song "To say Goodbye"

Emin Agalarov regularly pampers fans of his work with new songs and CDs. In 2016, he not only presented them the new album "LoveIs a Deadly Game", but also together with Sergey Kozhevnikov and Grigory Leps became the organizer of the festival "Heat", which was held in Baku in July. The brightest pop stars of Russia took part in the "Heat". In the same year, Emin Agalarov recorded two new songs by Ani Lorak – these are the compositions "I can't say" and "Say Goodbye".

In 2016, with new and beloved old hits, Emin Agalarov went on a tour of the country, visiting 50 cities of Russia. Emin's concerts were a resounding success.

Emin Agalarov's clip "Let's find each other"

As for business, Emin Agalarov manages a lot here too. He heads many projects. For example, he owns a shopping center on the MKAD "Crocus City Mall", which houses the concert hall "Crocus City Hall". The singer and businessman also oversees the Vegas shopping and entertainment complex chain, the Crocus Group restaurant chain and the Sea Breeze Resort development project in Azerbaijan.