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Marie Crimebreary


Marina Vadimovna Zhadan known as Marie Crimebreri is an author and performer of songs.


Born on August 21, 1992 in the city of Krivoy Rog. Father — Vadim Zhadan, mother — Lyudmila Zhadan, brother — Oleg Zhadan.

From the age of 4 she performed on stage as a soloist in a children's dance group, however, a knee injury received at the age of 15 made Marina forget about her plans to become a dancer.

Having moved from Krivoy Rog to Moscow to live with a young man, she became a dance teacher. At this time I started writing songs.

In 2017, in an interview, Marina admitted that she was dating Alexey Nazarov, known under the pseudonym Lx24.

Musical career

Marina started thinking about becoming a singer, according to her, after the betrayal of her loved one. She worked as a choreographer in a production center and approached management with a proposal: she would work for free for some time, and they would allow her to record songs.

At the age of 19, Marie Crimebreri began her career as a singer-songwriter. Composition "Let's go forever" became an Internet hit, then the songs “Sneakers, hood”, “There is no one cooler than us”, “Kroet”, “She doesn’t suit you”, “Does he like me” came out? and others.

To the song “Let's go forever” a video was released in 2015. In 2016, Marina starred in the video for the song “We’ll Be Alone in the City” by the artist Lx24. Marie's debut album "NNKN" was released in 2017, which included 13 songs, the most popular of which were “He Loves Smoke Too” and “Love me drunk.”

At first, Marie's voice was heard only on the Internet, but since 2017, Crimebrery began to appear on radio stations and television. Marina did not work with producers for a long time until she was offered cooperation in the Velvet Music production center, under the auspices of which Andrei Zvonkiy, Yolka, Vladimir Presnyakov, Anna Pletnyova, the lead singer of the group Burito and others perform. Collaboration with the label began with the single “Not Adequate”, then “Tusi Sam” and “Tusi Sam” were released. and “She doesn’t suit you,” which were later included in the album “Changed My Shoes.” On November 28, 2017, Marina played her first solo concert in Moscow.

As of August 21, 2019, the song “I feel so good” is in 6th place on the LoveRadio chart.

The singer’s tour schedule mainly includes large cities in Russia, sometimes cities in Belarus and Ukraine.