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Zvonky (also known as Andrey Zvonky; real name: Andrey Vladimirovich Lyskov; born March 19, 1977) — Russian singer, rapper, musician.

Already a veteran of the Russian hip-hop scene, he truly became famous in 2018 with the song “Voices” from the album “The World of My Illusions”, which hit the top of the music charts.

Andrey Vladimirovich Lyskov (real name Zvonky) was born in Moscow on March 19, 1977.

I have been interested in music since childhood, and was interested in a wide variety of musical styles and trends. As a result, having already tried to play different instruments, in 1996 he entered the music school to study percussion.

He began his career in music as a drummer in a jazz ensemble (according to information from the concert announcement of one of Zvonky’s concerts, he played drums at a jazz college).

In 1993, he founded the group “Rhythm-U” with rapper Max (also known as Bus). The group gave Zvonky invaluable experience, because with it he took his first steps on the big stage and worked on his first album in his life.

A few years later there was a musical project “Tree of Life”, created by Andrey together with Muk and Delov and playing a mixture of reggae-hip-hop and jazz.

Many tracks of the “Tree of Life” became popular among the audience of informal youth festivals. Zvonky himself read the “stew”, Business read the “proverbs”, and Muk was responsible for the emotional saturation of the reading. Together they recorded the song “First-Last”.

 — Voiced — "Music of the First"

Then he began his solo career. Zvonky’s first solo album was called “I Like” and was released in 2013 on the “Monolith” label.

I graduated from music school in the percussion class. In 1996, he entered the music school in the same direction. He studied and at the same time played hip-hop in the “Tree of Life” team. The team was created with familiar guys. We took part in various rap festivals, went to concerts, and collected venues. We started recording in the studio. For the first time I tried myself as a sound engineer, arranger and composer.

In 2001, the team fell apart. I went into music production. I was invited to work as an arranger in a studio on Arbat, where our pop stars recorded. At the same time, I made solo tracks.

In 2005 he moved to another studio. I liked studio work. It was interesting. Plus I was looking for opportunities for my own material. I wanted to become an independent artist, I learned to mix and arrange.

In 2007, there was an attempt to reassemble the “Tree of Life”. We recorded several tracks and appeared on various popular hip-hop platforms. But it didn’t work out together. The human factor and life circumstances got in the way. After that, I decided that I would develop solo. Then he worked on the Burito project as a music producer.

And in 2013 he released his first album under the pseudonym Zvonky together with the production company "Monolith". Currently working with Velvet Music. We are releasing our second solo album in the fall.

 — Voiced — about signing to Velvet Music, participating in “The Voice” and working on the album Burito — UpSound, September 29, 2017

In 2014, he took part in the TV show “The Voice” on Russian Channel One. Having successfully passed the blind auditions, he ended up on Pelageya’s team, but his path to the show ended at the “fights” stage.

Since 2016 or 2017 he has been an artist of the Velvet Music label.

In 2018, he made a breakthrough with the album “The World of My Illusions” and the first single from it — “Voices”, which hit the top of the music charts. This album was recorded for a very long time. Among the musicians who took part in his recording as guests were Yolka, Rem Digga, Karandash.

In early December, for the song “Voices” video released.

In the video “Voices” With the help of original visual effects, Zvonky seems to show how distorted and alien he now sees the environment in which he previously felt like he belonged. Only it is not the artist himself who seems to have fallen out of reality, but the young people locked in their burning little world. Everything is on fire, literally, — and it’s even fascinating. But Zvonky still finds his soul mate there and probably saves him.

 — Zvonky burns his youth in the new “Voices” video — TNT MUSIC, December 5, 2018