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The Cinema Group is a legendary collective that ignited the hearts of millions of music lovers in the USSR and Russia. The founder and leader of the band, Viktor Tsoi, left an unforgettable mark in the history of rock music.

The history of the group began in 1981, when Viktor Tsoi, Alexey Rybin and Oleg Valinsky, influenced by the Crimean holiday, decided to create their own team. Subsequently, they met Boris Grebenshchikov, who invited them to work together in the studio. In 1982, the collective became known as the Cinema.

The Kino Group became a bright milestone in the history of Soviet music. Her music and lyrics had a huge impact on other musical groups and determined the development of Russian music in general.

During its existence, the Cinema has released more than a hundred songs recorded on studio albums, as well as many compilations and concert recordings. They count nine years of their existence.

In 2019, Alexander Tsoi, the son of Viktor Tsoi, organized a project dedicated to the memory of his father. During the performances, Viktor Tsoi's original vocals from old songs were used, and former band members played music to a precisely designed video sequence.

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