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Sergey Orlov


Sergey Orlov – one of the most popular modern Russian comedians. He mainly operates on the Internet and performs stand-up in Russia and abroad. In 2023, Sergei Orlov plans to hold many concerts in different cities of the country. His schedule is planned several months in advance, but he finds time to write new material, record videos and spend time with his family.

Many viewers are interested in where comedian Sergei Orlov is from. The future artist was born in the Far North, in the small Yakut city of Deputatsky, in 1993. His grandparents came here after the war to work and stayed forever. After the collapse of the USSR, the mining and processing plant, where locals worked, closed, and residents began to leave Deputatsky en masse. Now about 3,000 people live in the city. Sergei could not wait until he also left for the “mainland”. In your hometown you could become an athlete or a bandit. Neither one nor the other attracted him. Orlov grew up as an artistic teenager, participated in school amateur performances and even created a rap group at the local cultural center "Metallurg".

Sergei Orlov was not interested in music for long; the main audience in the small town were veterans and hard workers, so he switched to sketches and humorous productions, for which he himself wrote scripts. Later, Sergei became interested in stand-up. After graduating from school, the guy moved to Yakutsk, where he entered college and began performing in clubs, hosted weddings and corporate events, and for some time worked in the press service of the city administration. Sergei Orlov was one of the founders of the “Northern Stand Up Club”.

In the end, he dropped out of school and decided to try his hand at comedy, but he failed to follow the beaten path of other famous comedians. Orlov was not even allowed to participate in the qualifying stage of the Open Microphone, where many TNT artists started. After this, the comedian no longer tried to get on television, but decided to work on YouTube. He has been posting his performances and videos on the channel since 2017. Then in 2018 he won the “Punchline” in Moscow, after which he ended up in Stand Up Club #1, where he remains a permanent resident to this day. Sergei Orlov finally appeared on TV. He performed at “Evening Urgant” in 2019, after which his fame increased noticeably. The second wave of popularity hit the artist in the summer of 2021, after an interview on one of the popular channels.

Comedian Sergei Orlov writes a lot of material in 2023 and gives concerts in different cities, including abroad. The comedian has dozens of live shows and new ideas for the channel.