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Musical group performing pop, hookah rap, deep house and R&B. They have won such awards as “Best Start” RU. TV, "Breakthrough of the Year" Muz-TV, Victoria awards 2019 and 2021, as well as 7 Golden Gramophones.

It was founded in 2010 in Kyiv. The initiator of the project was producer Artyom Umrikhin. He met vocalist Anna Dzyuba through social networks. The first joint trip to a recording studio showed how suitable they were for each other. The tracks “Anti-stress” were recorded. and “My Last Hope”, which quickly burst into the media space and collected a total of more than 2 million plays in just a month.

The debut album would be released in 2013, receiving triple platinum status, and the second full-length long play — in 2015. Currently, their discography includes 4 records, 2 EPs and many popular singles. Particularly notable are the tracks “Sad Dance”, “Hysterical”, “Girl Dance”, “Love After You”, which critics call only “bangers”.

In 2021, serious changes took place in the composition of the team. Anna Dzyuba decided to pursue a solo career. Her place was taken by Sevil Velieva, after whose arrival the group was awarded the “Song of the Year”. for the composition “Harmony”.