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Mia Boyka


Mia Boyka is an amazing and talented singer who wins hearts with her music and vibrant stage energy. Her real name is Maria Nikolaevna Boyko, she was born on February 15, 1997 in the small village of Zakhonye-2, Leningrad region. Since childhood, Mia had incredible musical talent and began composing her own songs.

Mia is not only a singer, but also a successful film actress, blogger and TikToker. Her musical talent was noticed by the famous artist T-killah, and they began to work together. Collaborative songs such as “Mom Doesn’t Know” and “Ice and Night” became real hits and were included in her debut mini-album “Wild Lamba”.

In 2019, Miya Boyka gave the world several other unique tracks, such as “Adidas Pineapple,” which became a real hit. Her song "Emamdance" (or "Samurai") also became popular thanks to the TikTok platform. Mia's music has literally won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

The duet between Mia Boyka and Yegor Ship in the song “Pikachu” was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for the public. This track not only topped the charts and popular music videos on YouTube, but also received over 100 million views. The video, shot on a tiny budget, proved that exceptional talent and creativity do not require huge expenses.

And Mia continues to delight fans with new tracks. In December 2020, she released the New Year's song "Snowflake", recorded in a duet with Anya Pokrov. And in January 2021, the singer pleased fans with a joint track with T-killah called “Petal”, filmed in the form of a video that is permeated with two seasons.

And Miya Boyka made a daring move by releasing a remix of the cult song of the Bi-2 group “The Last Hero”. The singer added two new verses, making the song even more vivid and emotional. This track became the title track of the ninth season of the reality show “The Last Hero” (or “Champions vs. Newbies”).

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