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Turken is a bright and talented young singer who was able to win the hearts of fans with her unique voice and passionate performance. Born on December 27, 1996 in the city of Norilsk, Turken showed an interest in art from childhood and began to practice singing at the age of 11. Her musical talent was noticed at a young age, when her mother took her to a music club. Over five years of diligent training, the young talent became a laureate of numerous regional and international competitions, which became the starting point for her professional development.

After receiving her education at local gymnasium No. 7, Turken decided to inextricably link her future with music and entered the conducting and choral department of a music college. Her talent and desire for self-development did not leave anyone indifferent and she was accepted into the prestigious Victor Popov Academy of Choral Arts, choosing the department of musical and theatrical art.

Speaking about the influence on her work, Turken pays tribute to the American singer Christina Aguilera, whose performance styles, melodic arrangement features and stage movements she gladly adopts. She is also very close to the music of Aziza Mustafa-zadeh, an outstanding jazz singer and composer. 

Turken superbly performs both popular hits from foreign performers and hits from the domestic scene. While still a student at the academy, she began publishing covers of famous compositions on her Instagram page, which delighted her many fans. These were not only the difficulties of transitioning from academic vocals to pop singing, but also the independent filming of videos. However, thanks to her love for music, Turken overcame these challenges and was able to create a separate Instagram page for her creativity.

Today Turken is one of the most sought-after performers in the music industry. Her unique voice and talent will give you unforgettable emotions and take you into the world of music and aesthetics. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of a real music show and enjoy an amazing performance, then do not miss the opportunity to purchase tickets to concerts and events in which the singer Turken participates. Visit our website and become part of the unforgettable musical journey that she has prepared for you.