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Best Music Fest

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Meet singer Karna.val – a bright star of the younger generation who wins hearts with her music and talent. This young artist, whose name is Valya Carnival, has become a real sensation in the entertainment industry. She is not only a talented singer, but also a successful video blogger and actress.

Valya Karnival became famous on the TikTok application, where her creative videos gained enormous popularity. And in October 2020, she took the internet by storm, ranking fifth on Forbes magazine's list of the highest paid TikTokers. Her unique talent and creative approach to content attract millions of fans around the world.

But Valya Carnival – it's not just tiktok. She is also a top artist in the Russian-language segment of TikTok, whose songs users most often use in their videos. Her track “Psychiatric Hospital” became a real hit and was ranked ninth in the list of the most popular tracks on the TikTok application in 2020. 

But Valya – Not only is she a shining social media star, she has also won hearts with her music. Her debut single "Psychushka" became a real breakthrough in the music industry. Her expressive voice, the sincerity of her performance and the strong emotions that she puts into every note will not leave you indifferent. Her musical compositions make you feel and empathize, while at the same time lifting you to new heights of emotion.

But besides music, Valya was also able to realize her acting talent. In the TV series "Vacation" on TNT, she played the complex role of a teenage girl, which allowed her to demonstrate her versatility and artistic potential.

Live and charismatic, Valya Carnival wins the hearts of the public with her frankness and unique style. Her authenticity and courage will not leave you indifferent. If you are looking for bright emotions and unforgettable impressions, then come to our events with the participation of Valya Carnival! Her performances — this is a real show that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Don't miss the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of real creativity and become part of this vibrant story. Buy tickets on our website and discover the world of music and art with Valya Carnival.