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Artyom Kacher


Artem Kacher is a Russian singer and rap artist. Already while studying at the university, he began visiting a recording studio, where he discovered his potential as a true artist. Soon the young guy decided to leave his legal career and devote himself entirely to music.

The beginning of Artem’s career was modest, but his talent was noticed and appreciated by the audience. Gradually, he won the hearts of listeners with his unique style and inimitable voice. With each new track, Artem increasingly strengthened his position on the Russian music scene.

Today Artem Kacher – one of the brightest and most sought-after performers in Russia. His songs confidently occupy the top lines of the music charts and gain millions of views on streaming platforms. He is not limited to one genre, trying himself in various directions: from rap and hip-hop to pop music and dance hits.

Artem Kacher – he is not only a talented performer, but also a real showman, capable of raising any atmosphere to incredible heights. His performances — This is a real spectacle, filled with energy and emotion. On stage, Artem not only sings, he moves brightly and dynamically, demonstrating his performing skills and attractiveness.

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