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Ed Sheeran



Ed Sheeran

ManamaAl Dana Amphitheatre

15Mon, 18:00Jan 2024


UAE 2023 events calendar

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular countries among tourists. People from all over the world go to an exotic country on the Persian Gulf coast. Due to the large tourist flow in recent years, many cultural and sports venues have been built and launched in the UAE. The country also has theme parks and giant malls with entertainment for every taste. The upcoming events calendar 2023 UAE includes hundreds of interesting events, including sports competitions and concerts of world celebrities.

Concerts and stand-ups in the UAE

One of the main cultural events in the Emirates is performances by famous artists. In the upcoming concerts in the UAE, you can find performances of rock, pop, electronic, and dance music stars. All popular performers are happy to come here to organize a show for their fans. Celebrities like Black Sabbath, The Who, Muse, Mötley Crüe, Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi, Armin Van Buuren, Pharrell Williams, JAY Z, and other musicians performed here.

In addition to famous performers, the calendar of upcoming concerts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi includes stand-ups of the best European and American comedians. Russian comedians also come here: Guram Amaryan, Stas Starovoitov, Evgeny Chebatkov, and others.

Sports competitions in the UAE

Concerts and stand-ups are only a part of what you can see in the Emirates. There are a lot of sporting events on the Dubai and Abu Dhabi events calendar. The country often hosts numbered and special UFC tournaments with the participation of the best fighters of the association. It also hosts wrestling, boxing, tennis, and even motorsport competitions. For example, Abu Dhabi hosts the F1 stage every year.

Get acquainted with the upcoming concerts and events in the UAE right on this page. The Abu Dhabi and Dubai 2023 events calendar will help you choose an interesting event. To find out its details, go to the event page, where you can book seats for a concert or a sports event online without queues and restrictions. The best UAE events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are waiting for their guests. The performance of your favorite artist or an exciting tournament will leave a lot of positive impressions from visiting the country and the whole trip.