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6 Kings Slam

Er RiyadhRiyadh

31Thu, 19:00Oct





Soundstorm 2024

Er RiyadhRiyadh

12Thu, 19:00Dec

14Sat, 19:00Dec



Riyadh — the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, famous for its magnificent gardens and modern architectural achievements. This dynamic metropolis, located in the center of the country, is the administrative center of the Riyadh district and forms the governorate of the same name. With a population of over 7.6 million people (as of 2017), Riyadh combines a rich cultural history and strong economic development, making it an attractive destination to visit. Buy tickets on our website — the best way to start your journey to this amazing city.

Riyadh offers many must-see attractions. Among them — the historical Masmak Fortress, which is a symbol of national identity, and the modern skyscraper Kingdom Center, providing panoramic views of the city. Important cultural and educational institutions such as the National Museum of Saudi Arabia and the Royal University are also located in Riyadh, making it the center of the country's intellectual and cultural life.

For those planning to visit Riyadh, on our website you can find a detailed schedule of events and posters in order to plan your stay in the city as efficiently as possible. Riyadh is also famous for its green areas and parks, which is emphasized by its name, which means “gardens”. In the city, you can enjoy walks in Salam Park or visit the King Abdullah Botanical Garden, which is an ideal place for a family holiday.

Riyadh — it is a city where tradition meets modernity, creating a unique atmosphere that attracts tourists from all over the world.