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Tickets for the tournament “Esports World Cup: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” in the UAE

Esports World Cup21 Aug 18:00Esports0+

The booking time is 30 minutes.

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Using a bank card on the website online or in cash to the courier

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You can get an electronic ticket by e-mail, or get tickets from a courier or at the company's office

About event

Tournament "Esports World Cup: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" The Esports World Cup represents a significant event in the world of esports. PUBG, the popular battle royale game, brings together the best players from all over the world to participate in this prestigious competition. Participants will compete on a shrinking island, obtaining weapons and equipment to defeat their opponents. Realistic mechanics and dynamic environments make PUBG a true test of teamwork and individual skill.

The event will take place at one of the leading eSports venues, equipped with the latest technology. Viewers will be able to enjoy high-quality broadcasts and the atmosphere of intense matches. The site provides all the necessary conditions for comfortable viewing and participation in the tournament, including modern lighting and sound systems, as well as comfortable seats for spectators. You can buy tickets on our website in advance so as not to miss the opportunity to become part of this grand event.

With the return of PUBG to the Esports World Cup, interest in exciting matches and unpredictable moments is increasing. Players will fight tirelessly for victory, demonstrating the highest level of skill and strategy. Each battle promises viewers unforgettable emotions and tension as the teams compete for the world championship.

PUBG is not only a game, but also a demonstration of the talent and determination of the participants. At the tournament, spectators will be able to watch players develop strategies, adapt to changing conditions and overcome opponents. Tournament "Esports World Cup: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" promises to be the pinnacle of competitive gaming, delivering an unforgettable experience in every match.

Don't miss the chance to become part of this significant event in the world of eSports. You can Buy tickets on our website now to guarantee your place at the tournament. Support your favorite players and teams while enjoying exciting moments and high level of play.