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Tickets for the Esports World Cup: Street Fighter 6 tournament in the UAE

Esports World Cup8 Aug 17:00Esports0+

The booking time is 30 minutes.

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How to order a ticket?

It's simple. Click on the appropriate sector and select any of the available locations

How to pay for a ticket?

Using a bank card on the website online or in cash to the courier

How do I get a ticket?

You can get an electronic ticket by e-mail, or get tickets from a courier or at the company's office

About event

Tournament "Esports World Cup: Street Fighter 6" The Esports World Cup will be a significant event in the world of esports. With its innovative dynamic control system, Street Fighter 6 sets a new benchmark for the fighting game genre. This system allows both new and experienced players to perform complex moves with simple commands, making the gameplay even more accessible. The tournament features both iconic characters and new faces, providing a wealth of fighting styles and strategic diversity.

The event will be held on a modern site, equipped with the latest technology, which will ensure high quality of the tournament and comfort for participants and spectators. The organizers took care to create ideal conditions for the competition, including professional lighting, high-speed Internet and comfortable seating areas. This will allow the participants to concentrate on the game, and the spectators to enjoy the spectacle.

The Capcom Pro Tour played a major role in establishing Street Fighter 6 as a key eSport. Participation in the Esports World Cup underscores the game's importance and appeal to the global fighting game community. The balance and skill needed to succeed makes Street Fighter 6 a staple of competitive gaming.

In order to become part of this grand event, you can buy tickets on our website. This will allow you to enjoy exciting battles and see the best players from around the world in action. The tournament promises to be intense and interesting, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of e-sports.

Don't miss the chance to witness this significant event in the world of eSports. You can buy tickets on our website now. Join the Esports World Cup and support your favorite players in their quest for victory!