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Tickets for the tournament "Esports World Cup: TEKKEN 8" in the UAE

Esports World Cup22 Aug 17:00Esports0+

The booking time is 30 minutes.

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How to order a ticket?

It's simple. Click on the appropriate sector and select any of the available locations

How to pay for a ticket?

Using a bank card on the website online or in cash to the courier

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You can get an electronic ticket by e-mail, or get tickets from a courier or at the company's office

About event

Tournament "Esports World Cup: TEKKEN 8" is an important event in the world of eSports, attracting the attention of players and spectators from all over the world. With its advanced gameplay mechanics and immersive combat experience, TEKKEN 8 has quickly become a key sports game. The game features an innovative real-time environmental interaction system and Heat System, which allow fighters to use the environment to gain strategic advantages and access new attacks and combos.

The venue for the tournament will be a modern Esports Arena, equipped with the latest technology. It provides all the conditions for a comfortable stay for participants and spectators, including high-speed Internet, professional lighting and a sound system. The Esports Arena will have large screens for easy viewing of matches, as well as recreation and food areas. The arena space is designed to ensure maximum involvement and convenience for all those present.

In the competitive scene, TEKKEN 8 takes center stage with its fair gameplay mechanics and diverse cast of characters. The game has already become part of the prestigious TEKKEN 8 World Tour, highlighting its importance and popularity in the global competitive circuit. Tournament "Esports World Cup: TEKKEN 8" promises to be intense and intense, demonstrating the high level of skill of the participants.

TEKKEN 8's selection to compete in the Esports World Cup underscores its influential status within the esports community. The complex strategic elements and immersive viewing experience make the game ideal for such large events. The tournament will provide a unique opportunity to see both series veterans and new characters in action, each with their own unique techniques and strategies.

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