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Tickets for the session «Apne Apne Ram» by Dr. Kumar Vishwas in Dubai

Coca-Cola Arena26 May 18:30Lecture16+

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On our website you can buy tickets for «Apne Apne Ram» with Dr. Kumar Vishwas on may 25, 2024 at the Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai Be inspired and empowered to chart your path to a fulfilling life.

Don’t miss the opportunity for enlightenment and self-awareness at the «Apne Apne Ram» session. with Dr. Kumar Vishwas, which will take place on February 18 at the Coca-Cola Arena. This unique event is designed to meet the intellectual and emotional needs of young minds. It will immerse you in the timeless epic of the Ramayan and help you understand the complexities of life, career, relationships and purpose of existence.

Dr. Kumar Vishwas, also known as Yug Waqta, explores various stories of Ramayana written at different historical periods in different languages. His study and analysis of hundreds of books formed the basis for the content of the Apne Apne Ram session.

Please note that the use of phones, smart watches and accessories is prohibited at the event. Upon arrival, please turn off your phones and place them in storage bags. You will be able to use your devices in designated areas throughout the event. 

Don't miss the chance to delve into the historical legacy of the Ramayana and learn valuable lessons for your own life at the session «Apne Apne Ram» with Dr. Kumar Vishwas. Buy your tickets online now and get ready for an exciting and meaningful experience!